Samart INFO Media join venture with Small Room Music for expand content business

Samart Info Media Company Limited aims distance by spending more then 10 million baht to join with Small Room Music, small name but big in performance such as Armchair and Penguin Villa for expanding the content.

Samart Info Media has a new strategy to expand the music business online-game portal in order to spread the fundamental of non-voice business in long term. The company spends 20 million baht joining with Small Room Music and Traffic Corner greeting the Indy trends. “This year Samart Info Media that subsidiary of Samart i-Mobile Public Company Limited will expand the income from non voice business via website Bug2mobile ( by next 2 months also develop this website to be the most compile game on mobile from every corner of the world” Mr. Sanchai Tewprasertkul president of i-Mobile Public Company Limited said. More than 1,000 games from India, Korea, Europe, Malaysia and Thailand compare with the competitors only contain just 100-200 games the most, also Mr.Sanchai mentioned the company will use various strategies to define the games price listed such as 1 month period games or permanently purchase. It will be enhanced for gamers to buy many games also i-Mobile will bundles this application into their new phones on shelf for GPRS users friendly instead of slowly and complicate Wapsite itself. However, Logo and Ringtone will not be competed because the market is packed in the meantime by Ringtone price increasing also the handsets with Ringtone included and Ringback Tone service. Moreover, the company has been prepared for the differentiate to the market by launch “Online Music Store” in next 3 months via website to complete Thai and International music selling from very music Company. The company has at least more than 100,000 songs with license and 10-25 baht per song.

On the other hand, i-Mobile Public Company Limited holds share with Traffic Corner Public Company Limited in the named Small Room Company Limited within equally to 50% each and the investment funds approximately 20 million baht. Small Room Company who expertise in music advertising will manage and select the Indy’s trend songs for the market and believe the unique character is ready for initially online market.

However, the number of users should be follow the MP3 devices which around 600,000 – 700,000 units in Thai market and 60 millions units all over the world. The company also joins with newspaper “Kow-Hun” offer 3 new services related with companies in stock exchange, market situation and high treading of the day just 79 baht per month and expected to have more than 10 millions baht income per year with 300,000 to 4000,000 of users. By provide this service; add-on with the online service will expand to stock traders via mobile in short future.

Moreover, the revenue projected of Samart Info Media this year will expecting 800-900 million baht, increasing from last year that contained 600 millions baht by 50% of 1900 number and non-voice content growth from 20% to 25 %.

The main revenue from i-Mobile about 80% is from mobile handset selling which approximately 6 millions handsets of total market and replacement mobile handset around 60-70%. Standard mobile handset of this year will provide wide screen, 3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera and Compatible with T.V. Signal itself without Internet Network and the company will spades out by mid-year and not over 20,000 baht per handset.