:: Mr.Sakchai Lertwatechakul ::
GM-Marketing Non-Voice / CTO of Samart Info Media Company Limited
"Samart is an organization that well-prepared in every aspect. For the products that we have, if we can fully offer Content, Mobile phone and Multimedia to customers, we will be able to fulfill customers' satisfactions and demands at the most. The number one in the business will not be so far away."

A guideline for organization administration according to
Mr. Mr.Sakchai Lertwatechakul suggestion

  1. Success
    to use Ability, Attempt and Attitude to lead organization to

  2. Value ¶֧
    - to create self-value and to do one's utmost for organization
  3. Samart
    - to work with

    * Self Discipline (Regulation and Routine for
    * Attitude (Good viewpoint for the organization)
    * Modest (Respect other people and yourself)
    * Attempt (Endeavor in many thing that could)
    * Re-invent (Creativity and Explore new idea)
    * Teamwork (Because organization needs the
      unity to create the most benefits and its   objective)