:: Mr.Sanchai Thiewprasertkul ::
Acting Executive Officer of Samart Info Media Company Limited)
"Organization changes so quickly; therefore, we have to adapt ourselves to the changes, that is, to be transparent and to give opportunities and co-operation to all staffs"

Which is the direction of business perspective in the meantime?
At present, business can be seen as 2 directions: Voice service and Data service. Right now the expansion of Voice service is constant. The strategy that we can apply is to improve technology to support an easier use. Also, we can add more contents to meet customers' demands but still go on developing Content Basis Data. However, Data service will play more parts in the business and will tend to expand more nowadays and in the future. Moreover, the fact that Mobile phone technology is getting more advances will urge us to improve Content in order to response to those new technologies.

Attention in the market currently is to open up Games market and Application base. Due to SMS service limitation, we have improved many aspects of Application base in order to enable Mobile phone and PDA to operate similarly to computer. For example, connecting to Internet network, which means Mobile phone and PDA, can receive pictures, text and audio in- formations without limitation. In addition, we also have developed Mobile office services such as appointment schedule through Application, Mobile phone and PDA and have an idea to create new form of Mobile phone and PDA services that never happened in the past. Those services will be developed to support 3G technology in the future.

For business perspective and direction in the future, Content information will be developed to support 3G technology. There will also be the development in service providing such as information, finance and investment, mobile office, entertainment, music and so on in order to meet customers' demands and to access to information more easily.