:: Mr. Thavatchai Vilailuck ::
President of Samart Corporation PLC
"The important factors to success are attentions to customers' demands and satisfactions that make customers choose our services. We have to closely follow how technology advance, what people want and what will help them live their life easier. These will help us to anticipate which direction we will develop our products and services."
:: Mr.Sanchai Thiewprasertkul ::
Acting Executive Officer of Samart Info Media Company Limited
"Organization changes so quickly; therefore, we have to adapt ourselves to the changes, that is, to be transparent and to give opportunities and co-operation to all staffs"
:: Mr.Sakchai Lertwatechakul ::
GM-Marketing Non-Voice / CTO of Samart Info Media Company Limited
"Samart is an organization that well-prepared in every aspect. For the products that we have, if we can fully offer Content, Mobile phone and Multimedia to customers, we will be able to fulfill customers' satisfactions and demands at the most. The number one in the business will not be so far away."