Samart Info Media Company Limited has previous name call “Samart New Media” which is one of the subsidiary of Samart i-Mobile Public Company Limited, started with Mobile handsets authorized dealer and become its best in business type. Samart i-Mobile Public Company Limited establish since 1995 with 10 million baht registered capital stock at the beginning and provide the services system call “Smart Call” (Prepaid) and “Fax on demand”.

In 1999, Samart New Media has been changed the name to Samart Info Media Company Limited and gain more registered capital stock from 10 million baht to 37 million baht. Also, the company has only authorized to provide the Audio Text service from TOT Corporation Public Company Limited in the named “BUG FUN”, 1900 variety services on telephone such as entertainment, and information via 1900 1900 xx, 1900 111 xxx and 1900 1901 xx.

In 2001, the company lunched service call BUG 1113 which obtain the services via telephone line provide all of information 24 hours a day, the services is live agent to receive the call from customers who need the profundity of information such as general information, directory assistance, restaurants and fun places. BUG 1113 also grants the information for the emergency number, transfer the call and SMS to mobile for Logo, Ringtone and Wallpaper.

In 2003, Samart Info Media had been gathering all of the information included Mobile content for their properly to provide the new services into the market. The reason was to expand the services that must be covered all of the wireless technology by provide download service i.e SMS, Pictures, Ringtone, Games and other information included the WAP site service in the name “BUG2Mobile” to response the entire need of customer’s and incredible package of services.

In 2006, Samart Info Media had changed the company name to Samart Multimedia Co.,Ltd.